Fawry Plus Services

Mobile Wallet

With Fawry Plus all the required procedures will be done easily in minutes.
1- Go to the nearest Fawry Plus branch, and register in any of the Mobile Wallets
2- Fill in the application, and you will receive an SMS to confirm your registration
3- Download the Mobile Wallet app on your smart phone, and activate and set your M-PIN
4- Charge your wallet with money, and enjoy its different services and features

Banking Services

Spending hours in the bank is a something from the past with Fawry Plus, now you can finish all of your transactions and banking services, just pass by any of our branches from 9 am to 10 pm all week except Fridays to get the following services:

  • Open a Mobile Wallet
  • Pay your credit cards dues, and loans’ installments
  • Request a cheques book.
  • Deposit and withdraw from your current or savings account.
  • Send and receive money within Egypt
  • Receive your international remittance.
  • Apply and receive your prepaid card, and charge with your credit (until 10,000 EGP) and use it to shop online

Submit the bank applications, and receive your bank letters and certificates

Visit the nearest Fawry Plus branch to request and receive any of those documents:

  • Request Car Sales prohibition letter
  • Car sale prohibition letter
  • Balance certificate
  • Certificate of indebtedness
  • Loan clearance letter
  • Card clearance letter

Insurance Documents Services

Now you can visit any of Fawry Plus branches to finalize all of your insurance products’ payments in no time.

  • Pay the life insurance premium.
  • Insurance policy issuance
  • Travel insurance.
  • Auto insurance.
  • Motor Act insurance.
  • Accident insurance.
  • Micro-insurance.

Other services

All of Fawry services

Subscription in a satellite entertainment and sports networks, and receiving the decoder before you leave the branch.

shipping services locally and overseas

Book and pay your travel tickets

Book Cinemas and theaters tickets