Welcome to Fawry Plus

Fawry Plus is a bundle of modern financial services that will provide various advantages that will make your life easier and more convenient, by serving you at times that fit your schedule and locations that are near you

Fawry Plus services vary from registering in the different banks’ mobile wallets, paying your credit card dues and loans’ installments, paying your bills, as well as finishing various banking and governmental procedures

Now, without queues, with no waiting times, and without driving through bad traffic, Fawry Plus will serve you through a network of 300 branches around all Egypt where you can finish all your financial services until late at night.

About Fawry Plus

Fawry Plus was established in 2017, and it’s shareholder structure includes a group of banks, and companies from the private and public sectors.

Why Fawry Plus?

سدد مدفوعاتك المختلفة فى لحظات

Make your payments in minutes

مواعيد مرنة

Flexible hours

بدون إجراءات ورقية معقدة

No more complicated paper procedures

سهولة الإجراءات

Easy procedures

جميع إجراءاتك المالية

All your financial procedures in one place

أرسل واستقبل الأموال

Send and receive money any time, and everywhere

بدون طوابير

No queues